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Automata in Japan -2

The technology of Automata in the age of Edo in Japan has produced some skillful technicians, which led to the beginning of technical civilization of Japan.  

Although some of them seem not to have the technology instructed by their boss, we can see some common technical points in their works and records.


We can see an interesting book “karakuri-zui” written by Yorinao Hosokawa, which can be thought to unite the technicians in the age of Edo. 

For four types of Japanese clocks and nine types of Japanese Automata, the“karakuri-zui” shows many figures in detail; the structure, the theory of the mechanism of movement and the technology in production. 


Today, according to the instruction for production shown in“karakuri-zui”, all restored Automata can show excellent motions. 

We wonder why the technicians in that age have such the enthusiasm to impart their excellent original technology to the next generation.


In the book“kikou-zui” written by Yorinao Hosokawa about 200 years ago, we can see obviously his own policy that “ free world of play” will offer us sufficiently many original creative free activities.

In addition, he seems to insist on his policy that the free creative mind of us should be spread over not only the play world but also many various fields.

(Ref. “Zusetu-Karakuri” issued by Kawade-shobou-shinsha )

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